Welcome to Clear View Transformations, Nassau County Probation Services

About Us


Clear View Transformations (CVT) is a non-profit agency created to merge mental and behavioral health mechanisms within a department of the criminal justice infrastructure. 

Our vision is to provide culturally competent and recovery focused services that promote probationer’s social-emotional growth and address social-emotional problems that interfere with daily functioning. We do this by using evidence based strategies in our services to citizens who have come in contact with the criminal justice system. CVT takes an active interest in the details of offenders’ lives to guide them to the path of reform.  


CVT was established to serve those who have violated community boundaries. To help these individuals begin to rebuild their lives. CVT is embarking on a new approach to probation in hope to change the way they view success. We believe all people can succeed.

Many people become embroiled with the judicial system operating below their optimal level of functioning. We offer strong individual attention and services to meet the need of everyone. 


Guided by our belief that probation is a service, offenders can blossom when we integrate education with cognitive and behavioral change. Strong communication and collaboration among probation supervisors, service providers, judges and the community are key to meeting the diverse needs of those we serve.

We have the opportunity to set our clients up for success. They learn to redefine who they are, refocus their energies and begin to repair relationships. They can make the discoveries of a lifetime.